Peter George Construction News Summit 2019

3-4 December | The Brewery, London

Industry expert

  Peter  George

Peter George

Enfield Council , programme director - Meridian Water

Peter has led the £6billion Meridian Water project for the last five years. The project will achieve 10,000 homes, 6,000 jobs and physical and social infrastructure - a new piece of city for all Londoners to enjoy. Under Peter’s leadership the Meridian Water station has been delivered and a new rail track built, £156m of infrastructure funding has been awarded by government, Galliford Try has been selected to deliver the first 900 homes, 37 hectares of land has been acquired, and deals have been completed with the Vibration Group; to deliver a 10,000 music and cultural venue on site, and with Building Bloqs to deliver a new makerspace hub. Peter also has experience of leading the planning department, estate regeneration, neighbourhood regeneration and economic development, delivering over 2,000 housing starts during his time at Enfield, whilst winning a number of awards for the Borough.

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